For our publishing it was the obvious choice to  work with global publishing houses, to ensure the assertion of the artist’s right wherever it is necessary – worldwide. With our co-publisher Sony ATV we are able for a global collection of royalties and on the other hand to detect missing units by controlling.

Not only for matters like syncronisation, as well in the search for 3rd Party licensee, we can access the Major network through our partners as well as our own wide network. Whether movie trailer, games or advertisements, we are representing our originators worldwide actively to the production companies.

We also, on a regular base,  search for established artists songwriter, and bring our originators beyond their artistic genres.

So we offer you the strengh of both – independent- and major – publisher to get the best out of your compositions!


Amon Amarth – Behemoth – Cannibal Corpse – Dimmu Borgir – Engel – Heaven Shall Burn – Insidious Disease – Moonspell – Soen – Tiamat – Orden Ogan