Whenever the artists can concentrate on their music, we offer the strategies and the know-how! Name it to be e.g. negotiations with labels and other business-partners or the implementation of new views and possibilities or structuring new projects.

Only to name a few – but there are a lot of questions for choosing the right direction: For which kind of label does fit to the music and can be a professional base for the artist? How to optimize the artists structure within the business? Which combination will bring the best results for the band in a long term? Which kind of deal is the best for the artist? How can the artist become a trademark? Of course every artist is individual – every artist has to be handled in a different and individual way.

With the knowledge of more than 20 years of business, we will assist you to reach the individually goals.



Caliban – Heaven Shall Burn – Iced Earth

In Flames – Insidious Disease – Neaera –

Old Mans Child –  Orden Ogan